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Days before the beginning of the Tournament, comes Shura, Yomi's son. Yu Yu Hakusho ‪Season 4‬ ... Yomi has forced Kurama to serve as his advisor, but the alliance is hardly stable due to the ancient hatred they share. Think you know Yu Yu Hakusho. Alive And Makai would never be the same after that. The above description came from Shrine to Yomi-Sama, and was edited by yours truly. Information 黄(よ)泉(み) Yomi seems rather cold-hearted but while it seems like he would kill his son, he's just establishing a will to fight in his son. Sign in to disable ALL ads. Additionally, he has four horns on his head, two on each side, and one jutting from the back of his head, giving him a total of seven horns. Yomi voiced by Victor Lee and 4 others. Then, nothing had prepared Yomi to the treason which followed... One day, as he would always do, Yomi had gathered some members of the gang in another non-official raid. On Kurama's first day, Yomi brings him to the demon that took his sight and notices Kurama's change in heartbeat. Well I do. Let us know down in the comments section! Technology and facilities are its trademarks. He was then defeated in the next round by a common demon because he was just too weak. Despite never begging for mercy in battle, after losing his sight, Yomi is a calm person, who thinks before he acts even in battle, which is arguably what contributed most to his growing strength. Male Youmi is another master of Makai who mainly organized the Ankoku Bujuustkai. "Your betrayals have taught me much. The above description came from Stetson LaLicata, and was edited by yours truly. What is known is that he managed to win somehow. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Of course the series does not make the relationship between Yomi and Kurama explicit, but no one can deny only a strong feeling could prevent a King like Yomi to take revenge from the one who had betrayed him in such a despicable manner. Rather than fight at full strength, like Shura wanted, Yomi was actually helping his son become a better fighter. Yu-Gi-Oh! Mukuro. Continue >> What name is Shinobu Sensui also known as? Even after all that happened, Yomi tells him it was nice to meet him again. Name: Yomi Origin: Yu Yu Hakusho Gender: Male Age: Over 1000 years Classification: Demon Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, … He also genuinely loves his son, Shura, who he fought in the Demon World Tournament. He has long, black hair and two prominent horns that jut down from his forehead but appear to frame his head. In the English Dub, he tells Kurama that he did his best to model himself after him; this is true enough as Yomi takes the time and patience to gather intel to devise backup plans. Kana 102. Before the tournament started, he informed Yusuke about his change, but didn't care if Yusuke believed him or not. Powers and Stats. D&D Beyond Yu Yu Hakusho Ultimate Tournament Round by Round match ups End of Series versions of each characterRound 1Gōki vs RotoRound 2Genbu vs BakkenRo ... Yomi vs Mukuro. Yu Yu Hakusho Sets‎ > ‎ Betrayal. Race Correct! Correct! Then, it's time for Yomi to face Raizen's heir, Yusuke. In the manga, Yusuke says that someone told him that Yomi's ability to fight purely by sensing ki and relying on hearing takes a massive amount of concentration and stamina, which is one of the main reasons that his fight with Yusuke went on for so long despite his power advantage over Yusuke. It is very clear nothing could save the youko turned human from his former-subordinate's revenge. At that time, Yomi was neither the powerful King he would become in the future, nor possessed his astounding might and imposing appearance. It was during his days as a thief that he met Kurama, already considered as a Legend among Makai outlaws. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. When he felt the power of Raizen's old friends, Yomi truly dissolved his country and decided to enter the tournament to test himself. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Yomi (YuYu Hakusho) on pronouncekiwi. Anyone wanna a free beta key to try out the new first/third person Shooter game called. However, the Kingdom's wealth isn't Yomi's concealed weapon in the incoming battle. Of course, this might have been nine to ten years before Shura is introduced as Yomi's son. Countless times, his schemes ended up in huge flaws, what caused several losses among Kurama's subordinates. Even Kurama notes that Yomi took a great deal of preparation to blackmail him into an alliance. Yomi fought bravely, but could not stand up to the massive attack drawn by a youkai far more powerful than him. Experience the wonder of Japanese Animation! Raizen. Continue >> Kuwabara is killed during his fight in the Demon World tournament against Kujou. Yomi is possibly based on the demon Shula from DragonBall, as both have similar appearances. Yomi is the father of Shura and one of the Three Kings of the Demon Realm alongside Raizen and Mukuro.. Class However, drained of energy, he loses the next match to Kokou, one of Raizen's old friends. He made an artificial womb for Shura to be born from. Yusuke), he has not given up on the goals of unification he possesses in the Demon World, and will more then likely continue his plans if he ever wins the tournament. Meanwhile, Yomi has become one of Makai great leaders, feared and respected even by Raizen. Voice It was another shadow coming to life from his past in order to claim the price for his previous crimes. He is the father of Shura. Kurama decides to join Yomi, despite the fact that Hiei is working for Mukuro and Yusuke for Raizen. Makai was his home, a place in which only the strongest ruled. Yomi ends up defeating Urameshi, who wakes up in a Gandara hospital a week later. Yomi wishes the Youko aspect to predominate in the combat but that doesn't happen. (Yomi refers to this itch for battle as hus warrior spirit, something he believed was sacrificed for his level-headness) As Yomi notes "I find myself throwing out my rule book when facing you.". They had the brash lead, the cool guy, the tough guy, and the intelligent pretty boy. https://yuyuhakusho.fandom.com/wiki/Yomi?oldid=39199, His name literally translates to "Underworld.". Yomi and his followers barely had any chance to escape the slaughter. Then his heir would have a new chance to become Makai's sole ruler. Yomi from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho. All in all, Yomi accepts Kurama's decision, letting him free to follow the way he had chosen. For this reason he opted to become a thief, a very risky profession, but a shorter, more promising way towards success. But at that time, the situation has changed. Full Details right here. Reluctant at first, Yomi agrees after 7 of his top subordinates (Kurama, Jin, Chu, Toya, Rinku, Shishiwakamaru, and Suzuki) betray him and side with Yusuke as well as realizing Mukuro had complied. Listen to all the actors who have voiced the following Yu Yu Hakusho characters. Dark Angel. True. Yomi has forced Kurama to serve as his advisor, but the alliance is hardly stable due to the ancient hatred they share. He is also able to accurately pick up on changes in an organism's heart rate, allowing him to guess facial expressions and current emotional composition, despite his lack of sight. Let us know down in the comments section! In fact, Shura is a very promising and feared competitor. Affiliation He also wears a light garment underneath red robes and has a defined musculature. Yomi. Luckily for him, he was yet able to fight back and strike his opponent although he had been blinded. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Yu Yu Hakusho button badge Yomi Yu Yu Hakusho cafe limited at the best online prices at eBay! With a first blow Yomi had his eyes slashed by his attacker's swords. Centuries later, as Yusuke finds out about his Demon origin, Kurama and Hiei are invited to return to Makai. Kurama twitched his tail once more as he waited. Soon after Raizen died, the Ankoku Bujuustkai was on. ... Now, Yomi threatens Kurama in order to join him again. Yomi, Sightless God (Lower Left) G1 Hero/Villain/Team Leader Yomi (6) 40,000: Raw Power: For the rest of the game, your Yomi Team Bonus gains -1 Spirit Energy. His enemy ran away shouting out the words Yomi would never forget. -Episode 108. Romaji Yomi accepts to spare Kurama's life and human family in exchange for his assistance. The Yu Yu Hakusho cast embodies the idea of seeming cliché because the anime did its job so well, everyone who came after copied you. Hair Color He is voiced by David Hayter in Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie and by Hideo Seaver in Yu Yu Hakusho the Movie: Poltergeist Report. He's imprisoned in a human body, unable to personify the energy he had once possessed. Mike B. Free shipping for many products! After the tournament, he congratulated Yusuke for the fight he put up, and challenged Yusuke to a rematch at the same tournament in three years. However, bad luck places father and son, one against the other, in one of the first combats. Once, in one of his memorable miscalculations, Yomi's life was saved by Kurama, who, apparently, had never forbidden Yomi to work on his own. He is the final opponent of Yusuke in the Three Kings Saga.. Yu Yu Hakusho Answers graphospasm said: You can read into it however you want, but I know I would be pretty obsessed with someone who blinded me and left me for dead in the wilderness and then showed up again hundreds of years later in a new body. It happens during Kurama's fight against Shigure, the responsible for Hiei jagan implant. While Yomi does not display any particular hatred for the human species, he does seem to believe demons may consume as many of them as they please, claiming humans are plentiful in number and "reproduce as if they are fighting extinction as it is", possibly foreseeing a time when humanity shall doom itself and its own domain with the threat of over-population if demonic predators were to simply let them be. Occupation Characteristics Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Kurama isn't the most powerful and wicked criminal of Makai any longer. After Yusuke is granted admittance into Makai to see his dying ancestor, Raizen, Kurama is given a "spirit of words" (video message) from Yomi. Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files.

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