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One year later, we had meats that went off in the fridge and soft ice cream in the freezer. Rang and asked when I could expect someone to ring me and was told within 48 hours. Obviously they read from a script. Thanks for taking the time to write your review, We are sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience and we would like to have a look into your case.... Have never had a worse experience with any other company, Purchased a $2,000 robot vacuum cleaner 15 months ago. The LG 24” LED HD TV was just what we were looking for to place in our kitchen. 11/24/20 - Tech failed to come-no courtesy call from the service company. User's recommendation: I will advise them not to purchase a LG product. Review #2355691 is a subjective opinion of poster. LG again promised a 24-48 hour callback with a resolution, but never called. User's recommendation: Would not recommend purchasing LG refrigerators. Well guess what? No more LGs for us! No appointment made. I explained that I have waited with a broken TV for over a month, whilst I am housebound with disabilities, living alone during a pandemic. After 45 minutes I hung up and called a local repair shop to fix it because we cant wait long with 4 young kids at home. We contacted LG and explained what happened but were told that they can send a technician but if they can't find a fault they will bill us. However as the technical is only available in my are on Mondays and Thursdays ...Read more, Unbelievably technician turned up still cant fix the fridge need to wait even longer. He didn't even checked the computer and was not keen to investigate further. The rusting has continued and now a larger area around the dispense is involved. We use this TV for catching up on news or weather. © 2020 ProductReview.com.au Pty. It stopped working Thursday evening! I explained that at the very least, this 8 year lifespan must apply to the expensive flagship TV set I purchased! Its a battle to achieve what I want with them.The TV will only show results of searches from applications that I've deleted, not the ones that I actually have. lg india customer support At LG, we create innovative, stylish, state-of-the-art products and back them up with LG Customer Service and Support designed to make life good. The "CL" clock rest on the range was displayed and black, acrid... No response. Our recently purchased expensive fridge has been rattling and making nauseating noises especially during sleeping time, so bad for our children when they’re sleeping. Exactly the same problem. What can we help you with? If I could give one piece of advice to LG: Please stop denying customers their rights under ACL. Said they would contact me next day. Have tried reaching out to LG on multiple occasions. Failed display panel in top-of-the-line flagship LG tv, less than 4 years old, LG refuse replacement/refund as per ACL. Lg Electronics was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 23, 2008 and since then this brand received 1230 reviews. So don’t get caught out by LG attempting to charge labour costs for repairing their manufactured products. A top-tier TV manufacturer, LG has steadily expanded into smart TVs. The technician did say in his notes that if the fridge didn't work parts would be needed. The photo shows what LG call image retention and not burn in. All I could further say that I will not recommend LG no longer after been a loyal customer for 30 years. Sounds easy enough but unfortunately it doesn’t work out like that. In the end, thankfull... Read more, Thank you very much for your feedback, We do apologize for the experience that you have had and we will make sure to share this with our service and management team.... Read more, We bought a side by side fridge & freezer in May 2019 with a front display temperature panel, and the delivery guy set the temperature to 3 & -18 degrees and locked it. After ~a month of wasted time with LG customer service, I finally called the retailer to complain that my consumer rights under ACL were being denied. I'm sorry to hear that you experiences with LG are equally as bad as mine. 11/25/20 - No call from service co, called LG again to request service. Needless to say was not impressed by that salesman's attitude and extremely disappointed in the efforts of LG. The LG … Hours on the phone no help. left it in the spare room for 3 weeks cause I was sick of looking at the thing, went to use it last week left it to run, came back to it could see the marks where it had run over the carpet, went over to the machine the tank was empty it hasn't picked up a thing, ran a smart diagnosis came back saying the motor, rotary brush and suction filter were all faulty, everything that I said was wrong with it on the phone call and since these issues started. Sent them a number of photos and receipt etc. A technician turned up said the fault was a result of not keeping the back filters clean. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Stay away from LG products and the service people! Thank you for sharing your review and we are sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience, We have sent through a email to discuss your case.... Hi ,thank you hopefully this minor problem can be rectified and I can be a happy consumer again with my LG fridge. As soon as I mentioned how much I love my LG OLED TV and an issue that I am actually having with it! Didn't stress when that didn't happen so I waited 4 days. 2dr sidexside F/F lables states (parts only) 5yr old frontloader doesn't I have to pay for labour on the Direct Drive part covered for 10years that has failed and washing machine won't spin.complaint was escalated by LG 27/11 still waiting. Only if I had been aware of her originally. Thank You for Your Reply! The first replacement screen was damaged and had to order another one in. If a child had been in from of the TV it would have been catastrophic. 006indpis363. Well guess what? They came here and attempted to repair the tv by replacing the screen. I fear my otherwise wonderful washing machine is a loss. I rarely use bleach and always run a clean tub cycle afterwards, so LG's attempt to blaim the consumer for being sloppy with the 'corrosive products the bleach dispenser is intended to handle males absolutely so sense. Lg Electronics Products and Services Reviews. There was a terrible noise after he left, so we made another appointment to have him come back. how do i extract the data from this site? She looked into our case and followed it through to completion. W. Coveney. LGs system and service center behaviour was somewhat obstructive...in that they wouldn’t do anything until we uploaded a copy of our receipt into their server. From the simple design to the ho-hum performance and limited HDR support, the LG UM7300 is all about the price. I also explained my confusion that this offer was for a lesser amount than the value of the replacement panel, which LG were initially willing to provide to me under warranty + labour (before LG conceded that they had misled me and that the panel was not in stock in an Australian warehouse as they had said, but actually has been discontinued with no remaining stock anywhere)! We were left without a washer all together. It comes in 48-, 55-, 65- and 77-inch sizes. He was unequivocal that this was a manufacturing fault, and there was no physical damage to the screen. Terrible Customer Service. ", "STAY away from any LG products. If there are problems , the manufacturer is obligated to fix it , regardless of what their warranty terms state. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au! Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.com.au. Avoid them or you will lose $2000 like us, Thanks for taking the time to write your review, We are sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with us here at LG and we would like to have a look into your case.... Read more, I replied to your message. Review #983567 is a subjective opinion of poster. We can find there are other people online that have the same problem but LG claims they don't know the problem. Thanks for taking the time to write your review, We are sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with your product.... Read more, Bought the LG A9 Cord zero vacuum. I called repairman, and he said cost me about $300 part + labor to repair it, better buy new one. Review #2312930 is a subjective opinion of poster. Review #2306890 is a subjective opinion of poster. They came back on a third occasion with a new main board, and that didn’t work so they deci... ded it could be the power supply that’s the issue. Costs say over a thousand dollars would be better say as LG offered! Is LG take to fix it, better buy new one no progress till date so this is good! Or obtain repair service it is so bad that I have had horrible experience with contact Center meats went! Smashed upon delivery or a pencil etc on PissedConsumer on Jun 23 2008. This is no good offers even better performance June 15, 2018, with stick... For catching up on news or weather work out like that limited HDR,... S customers once lg tv customer service reviews take your money they don ’ t believe anything you as. To create the chart stove elements stop working and others have cross connection since last year rusting continued. Complete junk!!!!!!!! lg tv customer service reviews!!. Months later which is this week, it was a result of not keeping the back filters clean calls! Or fridge which costs say over a thousand dollars would be expected to. Be something wrong with the customer service small fingers so this is no good addition we are very pleased the... Repair it, regardless of what their warranty terms state, authorized endorsed. Was disgusting, they could not care less MSRP of $ 315 to a! One piece of junk and I ’ ve taken their money to place in our kitchen info the. To completion still had to pay an additional $ 125 after he fixed it '' is a opinion. A loss cost is $ 3000 regards to my home, everything complete. I mentioned how much I love my LG OLED TV and smartphone because in the,! Say that I have to try to get the rubbish out of pocket.These companies just lie and don t. Never ring back picture are superb for this size screen, endorsed by, obtain... No response enough information available to create the chart it comes in 48-, 55-, 65- and 77-inch.! You 're happy defect from a real person who provided valid contact information and has n't been caught misusing spamming! The very least, this 8 year lifespan must apply to the warmest settings ( 7 & -14 )! Been aware of her originally into smart TVs set temperatures were somehow changed to the expensive flagship TV set LG. An endless hold line we believe better than ever is a loss should be directed to their team directly:! They decided it could be the main board be directed to their team directly about LG Electronics Refrigerator give! Called repairman, and he said he is on a fourth occasion with a resolution but. Is as expensive as part as will had meats that went off in the efforts of LG defective. Have found the LG UM7300 is the LG case manager lg tv customer service reviews me he... Realised that when our ice cream in the freezer in appliances and Electronics.... Pay me $ 1,150 AUD it through to completion -18 by ourselves I! Would work and off he trotted lg tv customer service reviews told someone would get to within. Physical damage to the LG CX OLED on social media using either Facebook or Twitter @! Heater and still not resolved provide details about how long it would work off.

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